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Love And Sex Away

While there are those who say that sexting is shameful, exploitative, or just plain stupid, there are many ways that it has become the new erotica. Sexting enables people to personalize erotica to better suit their own desires. Basically, sexting lets you create an erotic story that has the storyline you want.

You can also look at sexting as a way of learning about your partner’s erotic wants and desires. It’s a way for the two of you to communicate to each other about what turns you on, what makes your clock tick a little harder. After spending some time in an erotic classroom together, you will know what each other’s fantasies are when you climb into bed.

Granted, sexting is something that is reserved those that you trust. Someone requesting a pic of your breast or of your penis after just getting your number is probably not the person you want to be climbing in bed with anyway, well, maybe.

Sexting also offers you the opportunity to think before acting. If you are in someone’s apartment and that hot moment is inevitable, you can’t take the time to think about what you want to say or do. It’s go time, not whoa time. Sexting lets you think about what you want to say. You have time to edit or completely change what you want to send to them. Plus, it’s instant. We don’t have to wait for the next date or a letter in the mail. Within seconds, we can be confessing our darkest sexual desires to our partners while at the same time learning theirs.

Another benefit to sexting is it can bring excitement back into a relationship that may have started to fizzle out in the sexual department. Most long-term relationships will experience a time when the fireworks in the bedroom room seem to become more like a candle flame. Sexting can add some lost fuel to the fire. Confessing something sexual to your partner, such as a desire you have never shared before, with a text from the office could help kindle an erotic response. Likewise, telling them how you miss something that you both used to enjoy doing while alone can generate a very positive reply. Visit at for more pleasure.

Yes, there are the perverts out there that are simply looking for a cheap thrill to get off on. But sexting however, can do wonders for you and your partner. Give it a try for yourself and see firsthand how it can be a great way to get to know your partner, and yourself.

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