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Erotic Food for Better Sex

Anna is really a London based escort from charlotte action escorts who also works as a set designer on porn movies. She has the most amazing talent for setting a scene, and if you are planning a dinner party, you should ask her along to set the table.

On top of that Anna is one of few London based escorts that can really cook. Most escorts are not into cooking but Anna can cook her heart out. Raymond Blanc and the rest of the celebrity chefs may be great, but I am sure if they gave Anna a slot on BBC 1, she would would with the help of some of her fellow escorts make the program go with a swing.

Anna’s last dinner party was just spectacular. Anybody who was anybody in the London porn industry was there, and all of the most popular London escorts and porn stars rubbed shoulders with “real” celebs.

It must have cost Anna a fortune to put the party together, and the poor thing must have spent hours sweating in her knickers in the kitchen. Fortunately, I understand that a couple of escorts from Covent Garden had popped over and helped with the vegetables. The girls are not only escorts, they also run their own market vegetable stall on the side.


To get everyone going Anna served up a start of Asparagus and oysters. Of course, Anna had given this dish her own special twist. The Asparagus starter for the ladies was called “Tied up and Ready To Go” whilst the oyster starter for the boys was called “Slippery Clits”.

Somehow Anna had managed to make the little strings around the asparagus look like little handcuffs, and it was a really funny dish to eat.

Main Course

Our main course was called Randy Cock, and consisted of chicken in a mushroom sauce which was served with carrots in the shape of large cooks. The escorts from Covent Garden had been able to find extra large carrots, and they had to be steamed for 40 minutes before they were ready to eat.

I must admit the boys cringed a bit when they cut into the cock like carrots but the girls thought it was hilarious. Men are just so sensitive about their cocks, but I can understand that.


The dessert was chocolate pudding called “To spread or not to Spread”. It came with a little brush, and you could decide if you wanted to eat of the plate, or spread it over the partner of your choice.

After numerous glasses of Champagne and wine, we were ready for the more serious part of the evening, the swingers party. Normally, we pre-arrange everything but on this occasion we decided that anything goes.

Anna had placed carnations in front of our plates. To each carnation she had attached a little envelop, and in the envelope you had the name of your partner for the night. I thought that was a really clever idea, and I might try something similar for my own swinger’s party next month. You are all invited!

Is She the One For Me?

My friend Alan has been working as part of a team of male london escorts for almost two years now. He is one of the nicest guys I know, and he is one of my best friends. That he works as parts of the escorts service industry in the city of London does not worry me at all, but some of my other friends are put off by his profession.

Sadly, so are many other ladies and Alan has a really hard time hanging on to a regular girlfriend. I love having Alan as part of my life and I always try to give him as much advice as I possibly. The girlfriend problem has become a big issue in Alan’s life. I know that this is a problem which also dominates other London male escorts’ lives as well, and Alan and I spend a lot of time talking about it.

Is she the one?

It seems whenever Alan meets a nice girl, there seems to be many obstacles to love. Most women or girls seem to have a really hard time accepting Alan as a person. They don’t seem to be able to see beyond his professional image.

It is a really difficult situation to cope with but I do know that many male escorts are happily married, so there must be a solution out there somewhere.

A lot of it seems to come down to emotional and physical trust, and makes me realise how emotionally vulnerable male escorts in London are.

Finding the right girl

Finding the right life or sex partner is never easy. Your career choice can make finding love even more difficult, and many London escorts really seem to struggle.

It is important to be honest with a new love interest and explain how you live your life. Acceptance is a big thing in any relationship, and Alan really needs to find a girl who accepts him.

I have suggested to him that he should have a chat to other escorts in London and find out how they cope with relationships.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to try date a couple of female london escorts, or just go out to dinner, and find out how they manage. Maybe he would discover that their needs are not that different from other women.

Real women

Real women are different from the ladies Alan meets on a daily basis. A lot of them would like to enjoy normal things like going out together, cuddling on the sofa and holding hands in public. When I stop and think about it, these could be some of the things which Alan needs to relearn.

Women get a lot of pleasure out of simple physical contact, and I think that Alan has a tendency to forget about the many everyday things women like to do when they are together with a man. This is a big part of the problem, and Alan needs to know that there are many different ways to make a London woman happy.

Could the answer be that Alan is looking for love in the wrong circles.? Perhaps he should try looking a bit closer to home, and give the friends he has within the business a bit of a chance. After all, you never where you will find love.

Perhaps, Alan should also try to discover that no matter what your lifestyle, the things that women from all walks of life call love, are not that different.

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