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Tired After a Long Winter in London

It feels like this winter in London is never going to end. I have been working really hard at Bond Street escorts just to keep me busy this winter. Normally the winter in London does not get me down but this one has for some reason. Some of my gents that I meet at the agency seem to be really down in the dumps as well. They look tired and a little bit worn out. It is like we all need a sunshine holiday.


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I would love to have sunshine holiday just to warm up. It seems like the London chill has got into my bones and that is never nice. The other day, it was really cold and I felt like opening the door to one of my gents wearing a big coat. He looked cold as well, and when we greeted each other, he did feel very cold to the touch. All of the gents who visited me at Bond Street escorts that night looked really cold, so we started to talk about holidays.

One of the gents said that he would rather be on the beach in Barbados. I told him that I knew exactly what he meant. It would be so nice to slip on a bikini and just lie on the beach for a couple of hours. Of course, the Caribbean sea stays very nice and warm, so I could go for a swim. When my gent left me at Bond Street escorts, I spent a little while thinking about all of the places that you can go during the winter.

I would love to have enough money to escape during the winter. It would not have to cost a fortune or anything like that. I would just like to get away to a place where I would be nice and warm. One of the girls at Bond Street escorts, has just come back from a break in Thailand. She is all nice and brown., and said that it did not cost a fortune. That is exactly the kind of break that I would like, but there are other options as well. I have a friend in Australia and I suppose that I could always visit them for some fun in the sun.

The other day one of my gents at Bond Street escorts asked me on a weekend break in the UK. It was kind of funny, because I shivered when he asked me if I would like to go to Scotland. He said that he was going to play golf for the weekend near Glasgow and thought that I might want to tag along. Now I know that Scotland is colder than London, but I did not want to let my gent down. Yes, I will be going to Scotland but I sincerely hope that they have a nice spa at the hotel that we are going to be staying in. At least I should be able to have a swim in a nice warm swimming pool.

The Sexual fantasies according Londonescorts

I have some rather odd sexual fantasies and sometimes I just like to live them out with my boyfriends. Once I was even put in hospital by one of my fantasies. My boss at London escorts think that I am a bit too much over the top when it comes to fantasies, and he is glad that I don’t act them out at London escorts. It would be fun to do so, and I am sure that many of my dates would really appreciate some of my fantasies. However, for now I have to make do with role play at London escorts.


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The thing is, that I really like sex toys. I have quite a few different sex toys, and the girls I work with at London escorts know how crazy I am about my toys. The one that put me in hospital was a remote control love egg. My boss at London escorts till laugh about it today, but it wasn’t that funny for me. My boyfriend and I were playing around with this toy when I got the cramps. The thing was, he could not switch of the vibration and I had to go to the hospital with this thing vibrating in me.

Of course, the hospital laugh though it was funny as well, but I felt rather uncomfortable. I had to take a couple of days off from London escorts after “the event” and this is how my boss found out. All of the girls at London escorts were okay about it and did not laugh but the boss did, and it rather annoyed me at the time. Now, I can sort of see the funny side of it but it still annoys me that it happened to me. My boyfriend also managed to tell all of his friends somehow.

I am sure that a lot of ladies do have sexy fantasies about being satisfied over and over again. This exactly what happens when I play with sex toys. Lots of the girls at London escorts do use sex toys, but they have not had any problems. I am probably one of the few London escorts who have the cramps that badly! Still, it made an interesting talking point for a week or so. Do I still use sex toys? Yes, I do but I make sure that I don’t use them when I am over excited.

Well, I have learned my lesson and will be careful in the future. At the moment I am still working for London escorts but in the not too distant future, I hope to start my own sex toy site. I would just love to sell sex toys on line. Most people do buy their sex toys online and I would share my personal experience with them. At least I could say that my sex toys have been reviewed by London escorts, and that the girls have tested the pleasure principle of all of my toys for sale. That would be a really novel approach, would it?

Love And Sex Away

While there are those who say that sexting is shameful, exploitative, or just plain stupid, there are many ways that it has become the new erotica. Sexting enables people to personalize erotica to better suit their own desires. Basically, sexting lets you create an erotic story that has the storyline you want.

You can also look at sexting as a way of learning about your partner’s erotic wants and desires. It’s a way for the two of you to communicate to each other about what turns you on, what makes your clock tick a little harder. After spending some time in an erotic classroom together, you will know what each other’s fantasies are when you climb into bed.

Granted, sexting is something that is reserved those that you trust. Someone requesting a pic of your breast or of your penis after just getting your number is probably not the person you want to be climbing in bed with anyway, well, maybe.

Sexting also offers you the opportunity to think before acting. If you are in someone’s apartment and that hot moment is inevitable, you can’t take the time to think about what you want to say or do. It’s go time, not whoa time. Sexting lets you think about what you want to say. You have time to edit or completely change what you want to send to them. Plus, it’s instant. We don’t have to wait for the next date or a letter in the mail. Within seconds, we can be confessing our darkest sexual desires to our partners while at the same time learning theirs.

Another benefit to sexting is it can bring excitement back into a relationship that may have started to fizzle out in the sexual department. Most long-term relationships will experience a time when the fireworks in the bedroom room seem to become more like a candle flame. Sexting can add some lost fuel to the fire. Confessing something sexual to your partner, such as a desire you have never shared before, with a text from the office could help kindle an erotic response. Likewise, telling them how you miss something that you both used to enjoy doing while alone can generate a very positive reply. Visit at for more pleasure.

Yes, there are the perverts out there that are simply looking for a cheap thrill to get off on. But sexting however, can do wonders for you and your partner. Give it a try for yourself and see firsthand how it can be a great way to get to know your partner, and yourself.

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