The greatest love

Falling in love means you are capable to love and be love. It is a take and receive scenario. But sad to know that there is that love life that doesn’t go with what is supposed to be done. This is due to reasons of individuals of how they value and understand love. But they are only few in the society. It can’t equal to the number of people who deeply and madly in love to each other.

Once the man truly loves you, he can wait. As they say true love waits. There are no reasons why you will be confident that you are in good hands. If you are bounded with so much respect and love you will always be safe. No one could harm you. Sex is not always the priority once the two couple decided to spend the night together in a room that filled with love. There are other things that you can do without doing sex. Your love for each other is greater than your lust for each other. Sex can be done once you are sure that are almost on the top of success. No matter what will happen you are confident you can have it.

Yes there instance that you almost go into temptation but because the respect and love is there sex can be avoided. Nothing can compare to the happiness once you are in the arms of a person that loves you faithfully. If you are destined to be then destiny will find you. How can you imagine that the ones you truly love are in the same place where you are at the very moment? You started at strangers but as you get to know each other better you become comfortable to each other.

Spread love and enjoy the moment of true love and happiness.

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